Welcome to GeoTerra Ltd

GeoTerra is inspired by the Greek and Latin word “geo” and “terra” meaning Earth. The Earth was given different shapes in time. Some said the earth being flat  was believed and adopted by many ancient cultures including Greece until Pythagoras in the 6th Century BC proposed the paradigm of a spherical earth. Different beliefs led to various concepts until mathematical interpretation through surveying concluded the exact shape.

Surveying has led to the discovery of many corner of this spherical rotating and revolving planet through astronomy at first and ground calculations with the manipulation of various planar, spherical and matrix equations.. Modern surveying or Geomatics has brought many inventions such as the GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) most commonly known for its GPS (Global Positioning System) which allows us to be spatially positioned allowing surveying and mapping and decision making.

GeoTerra offers Geomatics services which includes every aspect of surveying in Mauritius. Cadastral surveying being the most common amongst land owners whereby they want to demarcate their land.

Other services includes GIS (Geographical Information System) relating to study based on spatial information. This desktop study bring multi-disciplinary data which allow decision making process.

Who Is GeoTerra

Geoterra Ltd aspire to become a leading Geomatics firm in the Indian Ocean by offering a new perspective of survey though advance techniques.
To become an established surveying consultancy firm renowned for its accuracy and precision.
Superior Service and Customer Satisfaction
Profitability and Innovation
Employee Growth and Empowerment
Social Responsibility